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Shipping and delivery Policy

Shipping and Billing Address:

  1. We will be shipping worldwide through qualified shipping companies.

  2. You must clearly state the both your billing and shipping address clearly as instructed in the website.

  3. Shipping and billing Addresses may be selected to be the same.

  4. Shipping and billing Addresses may be selected to be different from each other.


Shipping cost:

  1. There is no fixed shipping cost for shipping any product.

  2. Shipping cost and delivery times depend on the weight of the product and/or the destination of the product and/or the shipping method that you select upon your purchase.

  3. The shipping cost information appears before the completion of the ordering process.


Delivery time:

  1. Delivery time is usually between 7- 25 business days.

  2. Delivery time will depend on the availability of your order.

  3. Delivery time depends as well on the customs procedures in your country.

  4. We shall not be held responsible for any delays that may occur due to factors that are out of our control.

In case you did not receive your shipment you will be requested to send us a scanned copy of the invoice received the shipping company, along with the titles of the missing products to info@thetalentology.com and it will be sent to the concerned department promptly.

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